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Avon Anew Protinol Power Duo

Avon Anew Protinol Power Duo

Here's What You Need to Know:

Experience transformative skincare with the Anew Protinol™ Power Duo, featuring Protinol™ Technology and niacinamide for enhanced skin cell renewal and noticeably stronger, healthier skin. Ready for a change? It's time to discover what this duo can do for you.

This set includes: 1 x Anew Skin Renewal Power Serum (30ml) 1 x Anew Skin Renewal Power Cream (50ml)

Why You Will Love It:

Power Serum: Experience a remarkable transformation in just 7 days with this potent serum. It delivers a dual-collagen boost along with a concentrated dose of high-impact ingredients, revealing seven significant age-defying changes to your skin.

Power Cream: An effective day and night cream that rejuvenates millions of surface skin cells in just one week, enhancing skin's strength, elasticity, and firmness. Infused with niacinamide, this cream significantly improves your skin's texture and resilience.

Recommended Routine: Every morning and evening, post-cleansing, apply the serum followed by the moisturizer to achieve the best results.

*Niacinamide in this formula is key to renewing the appearance of millions of surface skin cells. **Consumer study involving 127 participants evaluates the cream's effect on skin strength and firmness, while elasticity enhancements are supported by Protinol in formula based on laboratory testing on skin cells.

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