Avon Catalogue September 2023 – Campaign 9

Moonlit Fragrance Fantasies

Step into the enchanting world of the Avon Catalogue for September 2023 – Campaign 9, where the mystique of moonlit nights is captured in our exclusive fragrance offerings. This September, we invite you to immerse yourself in scents that echo the allure and mystery of the night, highlighted by our Belle de Nuit-inspired fragrances.

Celestial Scent Sensations

In Campaign 9, we introduce "Far Away Beyond The Moon," a captivating parfum inspired by the nocturnal bloom, Belle de Nuit. Discover a fragrance journey that intertwines the luscious notes of wild cherry, Belle de Nuit, and Australian sandalwood with hints of pear, jasmine, and sustainably harvested Madagascan vanilla.

Experience the Far Away Fragrance Collection

More than just a fragrance, "Far Away Beyond The Moon" offers a complete sensory experience. Delve into our Far Away collection, featuring the signature perfume, a convenient purse spray, luxurious body lotion, refreshing body spray, and deodorant. Exceptionally priced at only £22, this collection celebrates the empowerment of women, echoing our belief that women's progress enriches the world.

Fragrant Love Letters

"Enveloped in luxury," is how one admirer describes the fragrance. The fusion of floral and fruity notes, including nectarine, jasmine sambac, and the everlasting charm of the immortelle flower, creates a scent narrative that's both elegant and timeless.

Diverse Aromatic Palette

Our expanded range in Campaign 9 explores diverse scents, from the spicy allure of pink pepper and the decadence of dark chocolate to the warmth of velvet woods. Notes of ginger, gardenia, and exotic coconut intermingle, while the boldness of blackcurrant, serenity of pear, and passion of black narcissus speak to various facets of your personality.

Embark on a fragrant odyssey with Avon's Campaign 9, where each fragrance is a chapter in your personal story of elegance and mystery. Let these moonlit-inspired scents guide your journey through the enchanting nights of September.

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