The Avon Elite Gentleman collection presents a range of captivating scents, each carefully crafted with bold notes and captivating accords. From invigorating citrus to rich woody undertones, our fragrances are designed to create a lasting impression and celebrate the elegance of modern masculinity.

Each scent in the collection is skillfully developed, revealing a harmonious blend of aromas that accentuate your refined taste and sophistication. As you explore the Avon Elite Gentleman range, you'll discover a selection of eau de toilettes and aftershaves, each offering a unique scent experience that expresses your individuality and enhances your personal style.

Our versatile fragrance formats allow you to create a distinctive aura of refined elegance that reflects your unique character and gentlemanly charm. Discover the Avon Elite Gentleman collection and indulge in the perfect fragrances that resonate with your sophisticated taste and modern sensibilities.

Experience the alluring power of scents that evoke confidence, refinement, and timeless style. With Avon Elite Gentleman, you can embrace a world of fragrances that celebrate the essence of modern masculinity and leave an unforgettable impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Avon Elite Gentleman Collection?

The Avon Elite Gentleman collection offers a range of captivating scents for men, crafted with bold notes like invigorating citrus and rich woody undertones to celebrate modern masculinity​​.

What types of fragrances are included in the Elite Gentleman range?

The range includes eau de toilettes and aftershaves, each providing a unique scent experience that expresses individuality and enhances personal style​​.

What are the fragrance notes in Elite Gentleman?

Launched in 2013, Elite Gentleman features top notes of Cardamom, Bergamot, and Basil; a middle note of Spruce; and base notes of Cognac, Cedar, and Olibanum​​.

What is Absolute By Elite Gentleman?

Absolute By Elite Gentleman, launched in 2020, is an Amber Woody fragrance with top notes of Agarwood (Oud) and Italian Lemon, a middle note of Amber, and a base note of Ambermax®​​​​.

Can you describe Elite Gentleman Reserve?

Elite Gentleman Reserve, launched in 2019, features top notes of Watermelon, Pepper, and Cardamom; middle notes of African Geranium, Violet Leaves, and Lavender; and base notes of Vetiver, Oakmoss, and Bourbon Vanilla​​.

What are the details of Elite Gentleman Untailored?

Launched in 2014, Elite Gentleman Untailored is a Woody Aromatic fragrance with a top note of Basil, a middle note of Cypress, and a base note of Cashmere Wood​​.

What is Elite Gentleman In Black?

Elite Gentleman In Black, launched in 2017, is a Woody Aromatic fragrance with a top note of Mint, a middle note of Lavender, and a base note of Vetiver​​.

What are customer reviews saying about Elite Gentleman fragrances?

Customers have shared positive feedback on various online platforms, appreciating the unique and masculine scent profiles of the Elite Gentleman fragrances. Some reviews highlight the fragrances' lasting power and sophisticated style​​​​​​​​​​.

What is Absolute Santal by Elite Gentleman?

Absolute Santal, launched in 2022, is a Woody fragrance with top notes of Cardamom, a middle note of Violet Leaf, and a base note of Australian Sandalwood​​.

Is the Elite Gentleman fragrance suitable for all seasons?

The Elite Gentleman fragrances offer a versatile range, with options suitable for different seasons and occasions, characterized by their spicy-woody and aromatic profiles​​​​.

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