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Avon Footworks Silicone Heel Enhancer Socks

Avon Footworks Silicone Heel Enhancer Socks

Achieve effortlessly soft feet! The Avon Footworks Silicone Heel Enhancer Socks are designed to seal in moisture and alleviate dry, coarse skin.

Product specification:

• One pair in a single size. • Made of silicone.

How to use me:

Pro tip: For exceptionally soft heels, use over your heels to aid quicker and more efficient absorption of cream.

FAQ Section for Avon Footworks Silicone Heel Enhancer Socks

  1. What is the purpose of the Silicone Heel Enhancer Socks? They're intended to retain moisture and soften dry, rough skin on the heels.

  2. What material are the Heel Enhancer Socks made from? They are made entirely of silicone.

  3. How many socks come in a pack? Each pack contains one pair of Heel Enhancer Socks.

  4. Is there a variety of sizes available? They come in a universal size designed to fit most.

  5. How can I maximise the effectiveness of the socks? For best results, wear them over your heels to promote faster and more effective cream absorption.

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