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Avon Footworks Wet and Dry Pedi Roller Replacement Heads

Avon Footworks Wet and Dry Pedi Roller Replacement Heads

Aids in eliminating tough skin from feet by swiftly peeling away layers of excess skin. Engineered with a plastic grip and a sharp, stainless steel blade. Extra head provided.

Product specification:

• Comes with an extra head • Blade made of stainless steel

How to use me:

Pro tip: Immerse feet in tepid water for roughly 10 minutes to tenderise the skin prior to use. Subsequently, start to lightly scrape off dead skin using mild and careful pressure.

FAQ Section for Avon Footworks Wet and Dry Pedi Roller Replacement Heads

  1. What function do the Replacement Heads serve? They assist in removing hard, unwanted skin from the feet quickly and efficiently.

  2. What materials are the Replacement Heads made of? They feature a stainless steel blade and are attached to a plastic handle.

  3. Is an additional head included with the product? Yes, an extra head is included with each set of Replacement Heads.

  4. What is the best way to prepare my feet before using the Replacement Heads? Soaking your feet in warm water for about 10 minutes before use is recommended to soften the skin.

  5. How should I use the Replacement Heads? Gently remove dead skin with light and careful pressure after softening the feet.


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