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Avon Leo Jewellery Organiser

Leo Jewellery Organiser

Everyone has that friend who adores a bit of glitz, don't they? Gift them the ideal festive surprise with the Leo Jewellery Organiser. Ensure their cherished pieces remain unscathed, letting them gleam at their finest.

Product specification:

• Features the embossed phrase: Sparkle Sparkle. • Compartments for rings and assorted jewellery. • Secured with a zipper.

How to use me:

Desire to shield your adornments at home or during trips? Store your treasured pieces in this functional holder to remain ever-glistening.

Additional info: Crafted from PU and polyester. Dimensions are roughly 12cm x 9cm x 5cm.

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FAQ Section:

  1. What's the main feature of the Leo Jewellery Organiser?

    • It's designed to keep accessories protected from scratches, ensuring they shine brightly.
  2. Any unique embossing on the organiser?

    • Yes, it reads: "Sparkle Sparkle".
  3. How does it close?

    • It's secured with a zipper.
  4. What material is the Leo Jewellery Organiser made from?

    • It's crafted from PU and polyester.
  5. What's the size of the organiser?

    • It's approximately 12cm x 9cm x 5cm.

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