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Avon TTA Everlasting Eau de Parfum

Avon TTA Everlasting Eau de Parfum

Capture the essence of precious moments with those closest to your heart through the enchanting aroma of our Everlasting Eau de Parfum. Part of our acclaimed Today Tomorrow Always fragrance collection, this perfume is a blend of almond milk and blossoms, neroli blossoms, and musks, creating a comforting cocoon reminiscent of a loving embrace or a deep connection with a loved one.

The Everlasting Eau de Parfum ensures these cherished connections are immortalised, offering a floral scent that lingers with you throughout the day, enduring for up to eight hours.

Bottle size: 50ml

Scent profile: This warm-hearted floral women's perfume evokes memories of cherished ones.

Fragrance notes:

  • Top notes: Almond Milk, Blossoms
  • Middle notes: Neroli Blossoms
  • Base notes: Musks

Reasons to love Everlasting Eau de Parfum: • It captures the essence of your deepest bonds with a lasting fragrance. • The perfume’s longevity ensures your special moments are preserved as you create them. • Suitable for everyday use, it allows you to carry those memories wherever you go.

Usage tips:

Apply with precision

  • For optimal effect, spray the perfume on your neck and wrists, where the warmth of your pulse points enhances the fragrance's development.

Portable and versatile

  • Easily carry the perfume with you in your bag, store it in your car, or keep a bottle in your desk drawer for a quick refresh and a reminder of comfort.

Ideal for gifting

  • Consider giving this perfume and its complementing purse spray as a thoughtful gift to someone special, perhaps as a gentle reminder of shared moments.

*Based on efficacy tests, the scent is proven to last up to eight hours.

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