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Avon Mosquito Repellent

Avon Skin So Soft Mosquito Repellent

Top Avon Mosquito Repellent Mist 4 units bought every 60 seconds* Attain velvety-touch skin instantly with nurturing jojoba extract.

From the 1960s onward, Avon's solution has been a go-to for many... wondering why it's highly regarded? Not just our hydrating concoctions filled with essential oils such as jojoba, but their captivating aroma sets them apart.

Our premier Avon Mosquito Repellent is not only a rapid absorbing fluid, but it also leaves your skin revitalized and supple.

“Pleasant aroma, sinks in speedily, making my skin super soft.”

Marjorie, Avon online patron Specifications


Dispatch & Returns *During October's Breast Cancer Awareness, Avon pledges 20% from each sold product, up to £30,000, evenly split between CoppaFeel! and Look Good Feel Better. Registered charities in England and Wales are Look Good Feel Better: 1031728, CoppaFeel!: 1132366, and CoppaFeel! in Scotland: SC045970.

Details about this product:

Best-in-class skin hydrator*. Swiftly absorbing fluid offers immediate velvety skin.

For consistently smooth, enriched skin during the cold, Avon's Mosquito Repellent is your pick. Tailored for normal to dry skins, our Avon Skin So Soft Mosquito Repellent has jojoba, ensuring moisture retention - vital for maintaining hydration in winter. It's the reason for its popularity!

Product insights:

• Featherlight oil composition seamlessly blends with your skin. • Refines your skin’s feel, while bestowing essential hydration. • Ensures enduring softness. • Enriched with the beloved jojoba extract.

Guided application:

To hydrate instantly, spread this fast-drying concoction generously after a shower. Its application is straightforward!

Sometimes, our Avon Mosquito Repellent thickens in cold conditions. We advise letting it adjust to room temperature or warming it slightly. Rest assured, the quality remains top-notch.

*Records show 183,766 units were sold between 01/06/2021 and 30/06/2021.


AAdele R. 5.0 star rating 07/28/22 "Great product"

JJacqui M. 5.0 star rating 07/23/22 "Smells amazing, excellent product"

MMinu S. 5.0 star rating 07/21/22 "Sss dry oil. This stuff is amazing protects from insects all while making your skin soft"

DDiane S. 5.0 star rating 07/21/22 "Love this product, been using it for years. Never go on holiday without it keeps mosquitoes away 😁"

IIan D. 5.0 star rating 07/21/22 "Bought for my wife, she loves it."

FAQ Section:

  1. Why is Avon Skin So Soft Mosquito Repellent highly recommended?

    • It’s infused with jojoba extract which not only nourishes the skin but also has a pleasant aroma.
  2. How do I best apply the repellent for effective results?

    • Apply generously after showering for immediate hydration and protection.
  3. Is it fit for all skin kinds?

    • Absolutely! Especially beneficial for normal to dry skin.
  4. The repellent sometimes thickens. What to do?

    • Allow it to adjust to room temperature or warm it slightly. Its quality remains intact.
  5. Does Avon Mosquito Repellent also moisturize?

    • Yes, with its jojoba content, it ensures hydration alongside repelling mosquitoes.

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