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Are you ready to turn your passion for beauty into a prosperous and fulfilling career? Look no further than Wirksworth, where you can achieve your dreams as an Avon representative. As an Avon representative, you have the incredible opportunity to guide others through the world of beauty while building a business that brings both personal and financial success. When you become an Avon representative in Wirksworth, you become part of a renowned beauty brand with a legacy of empowering individuals like you to thrive in the industry. Avon offers a wide range of top-quality beauty products that are loved by customers around the world. With Avon's extensive product portfolio at your fingertips, you can provide personalized recommendations and exceptional beauty experiences to your clients, helping them discover the perfect products that enhance their natural beauty.

Earn up to 30% commission


Every Avon Representative has their own online store so you can sell anywhere in the UK. Your customers have the option for Avon to deliver direct to their door

Unlimited Potential

The amount you earn depends on you; which gives you unlimited earning potential as an Avon Representative


A true MLM business to work from home, choose your own hours and build your own business

Starting as an Avon Representative has never been easier

Pick 1 of our amazing starter kits to get your business off to a great start. Take a look at the starter kits below and decide which is suitable for you.

We need Avon Representatives in Wirksworth

Getting Started

When you start you will choose 1 of our fabulous starter kits. 

The basic kit is only £5 (until the end of Jan). Which includes 20 brochures and 1 of our top selling lipsticks.
The ultimate kit is £15 (until the end of Jan) which comes with 20 brochures & £95 worth of top selling products. You can demo these live on social media! 

Which ever kit you choose will arrive within just 2-3 days and you pay for after 13 days - giving you plenty time to earn commission during this time which will pay your kit!

Presidents Club

As an Avon representative you can be part of the prestigious Presidents club. This means you are part of the top 10 percent of Representatives in the country and you are rewarded for this.

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