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Avon Narrow Under-Bed Storage - Pink

Optimise your bedroom space effortlessly with the Avon Narrow Under Bed Storage. Ideal for that area beneath your bed or atop your wardrobe, our elegantly designed storage solution effortlessly fits into narrow gaps. Perfect for those shoes, clothing or accessories that need a dedicated spot. The in-built divider ensures easy organisation, while the zip closure offers dust protection. Its slim design, paired with a convenient handle, ensures easy accessibility. Coordinate with our broader home storage collection for a harmoniously organised space.

Product specification:

• Sleek under-bed storage featuring 2 compartments.

• Ideal for keeping shoes, clothing or miscellaneous items.

• Collapsible design for space-saving when not in use.

How to use me:

Simply fill, zip up, and tuck away your essentials for a tidy bedroom. Product info: Crafted from non-woven polypropylene. Dimensions: Approx. 70cm x 35cm x 17cm.

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