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Avon Ciana Smart Watch

Ciana Smart Watch

Stay synced while on the move with the sleek Ciana Smart Watch. Experience a multitude of functionalities (from call alerts, selfie timers, to sleep trackers) ideal for an active lifestyle.

Features at a Glance:

Vibrant touchscreen display. Array of capabilities. Pairs with both Apple and Android. Covered by a 2-year warranty. Dive deeper here!

Style Recommendations:

Whether monitoring your pulse during a dawn jog or analysing your nighttime rest, sport this timepiece from dawn to dusk to keep aligned with your objectives.

More Details:

Constructed with a zinc rear and polymer wristband. Fit range: roughly 14.5cm–20.5cm. Powered by an integrated, non-exchangeable lithium battery.

Delivery Specifics:

Available shipping options:

Complimentary shipping for purchases above £25.

Standard Shipping: At £3.50, expect your package within a 2 to 5-day window.

Express Next-Day Shipping: Priced at £4.95, ensure orders are in by 5pm for delivery the subsequent workday (from Monday to Friday, excluding official holidays). Surpassed the 5pm cut-off? Rest easy. We commit to sending out your items within the subsequent 48 hours.

Return Guidelines:

Choose from the following:

Opt for zero-cost returns via Evri Collection from your domicile. If coordinating with a courier for pickup, designate a secure spot for the item, ensuring a safe distance is maintained with the delivery personnel.

Alternatively, return sans charges at Evri ParcelShop. For postal returns, either generate your own return sticker or present the QR code at the selected ParcelShop outlet.

FAQ Section:

  1. What makes the Ciana Smart Watch stand out?

    • The Ciana Smart Watch boasts a range of features like call notifications, selfie timers, and sleep monitors, making it perfect for an active lifestyle.
  2. Is the Ciana Smart Watch compatible with all smartphones?

    • Yes, it seamlessly pairs with both Apple and Android devices.
  3. What is the adjustability range of the Ciana Smart Watch?

    • The watch is adjustable from about 14.5cm to 20.5cm.
  4. How is the Ciana Smart Watch powered?

    • It's powered by an integrated, non-exchangeable lithium battery.

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