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Avon Timberland Watch

Timberland Watch

Gift the luxury timepiece they've been dreaming of - the Timberland Watch. Adorned with a genuine leather band, it epitomizes timeless sophistication that never fades. It's bound to be their most wished-for gift this festive season.

Watch Features:

Authentic leather band. Embossed strap branding. Presented in a signature gift container. Carries a 2-year warranty assurance.

Styling Tips:

Enhance your daily attire, perfect for the corporate environment or pairing it with a relaxed weekend outfit of jeans and shirt.

More Insights:

Chromed finish complemented by a leather band. Size can be adjusted from roughly 17.5cm to 22cm.

Shipping Details:

Available delivery choices:

Complimentary shipping for purchases exceeding £25.

Regular Shipment: Priced at £3.50, expect the arrival of your item within a span of 2 to 5 days.

Express Next-Day Shipment: At £4.95, confirm your order by 5pm to get it on the succeeding weekday (From Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays). Surpassed the 5pm limit? Rest assured, your order will be sent off in the next 48 hours.

Return Protocols:

Your return pathways:

Opt for a zero-cost return through Evri Collection at your domicile - Should you need a courier pickup for your item, kindly position it in your specified secured spot, ensuring a safe gap between you and the courier remains. Opt for a zero-cost return via Evri ParcelShop - For mail-based returns, you can either draft a returns sticker from your space or display the QR code at the preferred ParcelShop point.

FAQ Section:

  1. What makes the Timberland Watch unique?

    • The watch boasts a genuine leather strap with embossed branding and timeless sophistication.
  2. Is there any warranty for this watch?

    • Yes, the Timberland Watch comes with a 2-year warranty assurance.
  3. How adjustable is the strap?

    • The strap can be adjusted between approximately 17.5cm to 22cm.
  4. Is the watch presented in any special packaging?

    • Indeed, it's delivered in a signature Timberland gift container.

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