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Avon Lip Oil

 Avon Lip Oil

Give your lips some love with a nourishing lip oil that helps lock in 3x more moisture.

This glossy shine, with a hint of colour has SPF12 protection for all round lip care and is infused with jojoba, avocado and coconut oils plus vitamin E. Its smooth, precision applicator effortlessly delivers the perfect dose of oil for healthy-looking lips for natural shine without the stickiness.

Choose from Shimmering Pearl for a subtle shimmer or Blossom for glossy gorgeousness.

• Lip oil that locks in 3x more moisture.
• Infused with jojoba, avocado & coconut oils.
• SPF12.

How to use me:

2 ways to wear: alone or over your favourite lipstick

Reviews :

Review by Nimat T. on 27 Dec 2022
I have bad cracked lips and this has been my go to any day any time. Whether using it alone or on top of my actual lipstick gives me that over the moon finish. I love it plus it soothes my lips and make them soft
Love it!
Review by Shauna B. on 21 Jul 2022review stating Soft lips
Really helps keep my lips looking and feeling great
Review by Jane O. on 21 Jul 2022review stating Lip oil
Love this product lovely as a gloss and excellent lip treatment .

FAQ Section: Avon Nourishing Lip Oil SPF12

Q1: What is the Avon Nourishing Lip Oil SPF12? A1: The Avon Nourishing Lip Oil SPF12 is a lip treatment designed to provide glossy shine while locking in 3x more moisture. It offers a hint of colour and provides SPF12 protection, ensuring all-round lip care.

Q2: What are the key ingredients in the Nourishing Lip Oil? A2: The Nourishing Lip Oil is infused with natural ingredients such as jojoba, avocado, and coconut oils. It also contains vitamin E, enhancing its nourishing properties.

Q3: How does the lip oil benefit the lips? A3: This lip oil helps in locking in 3x more moisture, ensuring that your lips stay hydrated. With its infusion of natural oils and vitamin E, it promotes healthy-looking lips and provides a natural shine without any stickiness.

Q4: Are there different shades available? A4: Yes, there are multiple shades to choose from. For instance, "Shimmering Pearl" offers a subtle shimmer, while "Blossom" gives a glossy appearance.

Q5: How should I use the Avon Nourishing Lip Oil SPF12? A5: The lip oil can be worn in two ways: alone for a natural shine or over your favourite lipstick to enhance its look.

Q6: Does the lip oil have any sun protection? A6: Yes, the Nourishing Lip Oil comes with SPF12 protection, safeguarding your lips from harmful UV rays.

Q7: Are there any clinical studies supporting its benefits? A7: Yes, based on a clinical study with 16 people, this lip oil has been shown to lock in 3x more moisture.

Q8: What do users say about the Avon Nourishing Lip Oil SPF12? A8: The product has received a 4.6-star rating from 125 reviews. Users have praised its ability to soothe and soften lips, with some mentioning its effectiveness in treating cracked lips. Others love using it both alone and over lipstick for a glossy finish.

Q9: How much does the Avon Nourishing Lip Oil SPF12 cost? A9: The product is priced at £5.00, currently on sale from its original price of £7.00 for a 7 ml bottle, which equates to £7.14 per 10 ml.

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