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Avon Power Stay Liquid Lip Stain

Avon Power Stay Liquid Lip Stain

If you believe all lip stains are drying, heavy, and uncomfortable, it's time to reconsider with our Power Stay Liquid Stain. This product offers a bare-lip sensation with a water-light texture that remains comfortable all day long—never heavy or dry. It provides a softly-diffused appearance, delivering a flattering flush of silky color that enhances your natural lip shade. Moreover, it boasts significant staying power, maintaining vibrant color for up to 10 hours of passion-proof wear. So, whatever your day holds, challenge it with this enduring liquid lip stain.

Product Details:

  • Experience a comfortable, bare-lip feel.
  • Achieves a soft, diffused look with a touch of silkiness.
  • Enjoy up to 10 hours of substantial staying power.

How to Apply:

The liquid stain is designed with an ultra-precise tip for a clean, mess-free application. Just sweep the stain across your lips. For lighter coverage, apply a single layer; if you prefer more intensity or a bolder look, simply layer more of the stain to achieve your desired finish. This versatility makes it suitable for any occasion, ensuring your lips look stunning throughout the day.


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