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Avon Distillery Lash'd Up Mascara

About me:

Our eco-conscious mascara gives you double the volume and double the satisfaction. A clever cocktail of naturally-derived waxes and pure mineral pigments coat each lash with creamy smooth, rich black colour and even volume from root to tip.

• For intense colour and double the lash volume
• Infused with vegan sunflower wax, rice bran wax and mineral pigments
• Vegan and eco-conscious*

This mascara is:
• Vegan
• Fragrance free
• Ethanol free
• Clinically tested
• Dermatologically tested
• Allergy tested

How to use me:

Swipe the Lash Chaser Brush from root to tip to coat each lash in creamy smooth, rich black colour, then flutter.

*Our formulas are low in water and packaging is recyclable wherever possible

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