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Avon The Ultimate Distillery Experience Complete Kit

About me:

Take the plunge and revitalise your skin with the ultimate distillery experience, a 5-piece vegan and eco-conscious skincare collection, which is packaged in a recyclable gift box.

• 5-step skincare routine
• Suitable for all skin types
• Vegan & eco-conscious*
• Worth £95

What’s included:

  • Clean Break Cleansing Balm (50ml): Melt away make-up and impurities with this gentle yet effective cleanser.
  • Vitamin C-Shot Powder (5g): Did you know, vitamin C is at its purest, most potent and effective in powder form?
  • Shade the Day SPF25 Day Cream (30ml): A multi-tasking moisturiser with 100% mineral sunscreen & 100% plant-based glycerine.
  • Purify Facial Oil (30ml): Developed with 95% pure active jojoba oil, this will help to renew the look of your skin.
  • Sleep Potion Night Cream (30ml): This crystal-clear dream cream works its magic whilst you sleep, delivering 48-hour hydration.

How to use me:

Step 1: Massage the cleansing balm on to dry skin and watch as it transforms into a milky oil. Rinse away the cleanser to reveal gorgeous skin.

Step 3: Massage 3-5 drops of the facial oil morning and night, before your face cream.

Step 4: Finish by adding 2 shakes of the vitamin C-shot face powder into your moisturiser.

Step 5: Apply Shade the Day. Don’t worry about the white cast, just simply massage it into your skin.

Step 6: Heading to bed? Repeat Step 1 and finish the day by applying the Sleep Potion.

 *Our formulas are low in water and packaging is recyclable wherever possible

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