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Avon Anew Platinum Day & Night Cream Duo

Avon Anew Platinum Day & Night Cream Duo

Everything You Need to Know:

Transform your skin with the Anew Platinum Day & Night Cream Duo, featuring Protinolâ„¢ Technology for a remarkable dual collagen boost and visibly lifted skin in just 2 days. This powerful duo targets deep wrinkles, reducing their appearance and leaving your skin looking firmer. We can't get enough of it!

This 2-piece set includes: 1 x Anew Platinum Lift & Tighten Day Cream SPF20 1 x Anew Platinum Lift & Tighten Night Cream

Usage Instructions: Day Cream: Each morning, after cleansing, apply the cream to your face and neck to protect and enhance skin elasticity throughout the day. Night Cream: In the evening, after cleansing, gently apply the cream over your face and neck, focusing on areas that need lifting and firming.

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