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Avon Timeless Perfume

Avon Timeless Perfume

An eternal aroma of timeless florals complemented by rich touches of amber, jasmine, and musk. 50ml.

Beginning: Crisp FoliageMiddle: JasmineEnd: Amber

FAQ Section

  • What is the Avon Timeless Perfume? Avon Timeless is an eternal aroma of timeless florals, complemented by touches of amber, jasmine, and musk.

  • How much is the Avon Timeless Scented Water? The 50ml bottle is priced at £5.00.

  • Can you tell me the scent notes of the Avon Timeless Perfume? Certainly! The top note features crisp foliage, the heart note has jasmine, and the base note is amber.

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