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Avon Artistique Patchouli Eau de Parfum - 50ml

About me:

Avon travelled to the heart of perfumery, France, to collaborate with world-renowned French perfumers to create Artistique, a collection of perfumes as unique as art. Meet the chypre and floral sensation, Patchouli Indulgence...

A hypnotic fusion of exotic spices and intense patchouli, tempered with delicate florals and rich amber. Created by Alexandra Carlin, this mesmerising elixir is a rush of excitement and exhilaration, conjuring up the magic of whirlwind adventures.

•Top note: Patchouli
•Middle note: Exotic spices
•Base note: Amber

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“Creating a fragrance is like telling a story. Finding the perfect accord that will touch the heart of others. I make each of the raw materials play a specific role – so as not to disappear in the scent. I think this is my signature.”

Alexandra Carlin
Craftswoman of Patchouli Indulgence

How to wear me:

Be hypnotised by the intensely delicate Artistique Patchouli Indulgence and discover the fusion of ingredients as fine as art.

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