Avon Toiletries

Embrace the fun and gentle care of our Avon Kids Toiletries range. Tailored for young skin, these products are crafted to make bath and bedtime routines enjoyable and soothing for kids, while providing the effective care their skin needs. Whether it's bath time or getting ready for bed, Avon's range of kids' toiletries is here to ensure your little ones' personal care routine is as fun as it is beneficial.

The Avon Good Night Lavender Body Lotion (150ML) with its calming scent is perfect for a soothing pre-bedtime ritual, helping your child wind down after a day full of adventure. Our Avon Magnificent Mango Detangler Spray (200ML) works wonders on stubborn knots, making hair care stress-free. Complement it with our Avon Kids Detangling Comb for a smooth, painless detangling experience. For a complete hair care solution, the Avon Wacky Watermelon Shampoo & Conditioner (250ML) gently cleanses and conditions, leaving your child's hair soft, shiny, and manageable. With Avon Kids Toiletries, make every day routines an exciting journey for your little ones while ensuring their skin and hair are nourished and cared for.

What are Avon Toiletries?
Avon Toiletries encompass a range of products for personal care, including items like body lotions, detangler sprays, and shampoos, specifically designed for children's skin and hair care needs​​.
What specific products are in the Avon Toiletries range?
The collection includes the Avon Good Night Lavender Body Lotion, Magnificent Mango Detangler Spray, and Wacky Watermelon Shampoo & Conditioner, among others​​.
Are Avon Toiletries suitable for children?
Yes, they are specially formulated for young, delicate skin, making them ideal for children.
Can Avon Toiletries be used for sensitive skin?
Avon Toiletries are designed to be gentle, catering to sensitive skin types as well.
What are the benefits of using Avon Toiletries for kids?
They make bath and bedtime routines enjoyable, soothing for kids while providing effective care for their skin and hair​​.
What are the delivery options for Avon Toiletries?
Options include free delivery for orders over £25, standard delivery for £3.50, and next working day delivery for £4.95.
Can I return Avon Toiletries if not satisfied?
Yes, returns are accepted within 28 days for an exchange or full refund.
How can I return Avon Toiletries?
You can return them via Evri Collection from your home or Evri ParcelShop for free.
Are Avon Toiletries cruelty-free?
Avon is committed to ethical beauty standards, including efforts to end animal testing.
Does Avon support sustainability in their toiletries line?
Yes, Avon encourages sustainable practices and responsible sourcing across all its product lines, including toiletries.

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